2017 AITP National

Collegiate Conference

and Career Fair®


The AITP National Collegiate Conference and Career Fair®, which started in 1996, is a forum for top Information Technology college and university students and faculty to see, learn and hear the latest IT trends and issues first-hand from recognized industry speakers and top IT employers.  Additionally, attendees can network extensively while receiving national recognition as contestants in the programming contests and student paper competition events.  The event draws from a network of AITP student members & chapters throughout the country,.

The 2017 AITP NCC® will be held April 6-9, 2017 in St. Louis,  Missouri at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch Hotel.  Many of St. Louis's attractions, restaurants, shopping and entertainment options are at your footsteps!

Planning the Journey!

There are lots of things to research and to do as you make plans to attend a conference.  The challenge grows larger as the number of students & faculty increases.  Tons of details and information can be found at www.aitp.org/ncc!

 Here are some important things to Research, Evaluate and Decide:

  • Hotel Reservations, Travel & Logistics
  • Attendee Registration(s)
  • Contest Teams, Events and Team Members
  • Contest Preparation
  • Students - Don't forget your Resume!

Register 1st then Manage Contest Teams!

The early-bird registration discount closes on 3/24/2017 and as always, substitutions are allowed at anytime.  Onsite registrations will be accepted along with changes naturally and feel free to refer to the online Help Desk for FAQ's.

Register attendees FIRST (either Individual or Batch/Group Mode) and more importantly, be sure to use the Member ID *or* email addresss that your AITP membership is under or tied to for AITP membership verification and/or dues renewal!  NOTE:  If you know you are a member and to PREVENT creating a duplicate membership and fees....when using the email address, issues with duplicate/not-found memberships occur when there are multiple email addresses involved (school .vs. personal).  If you are NOT sure - simply call AITP Headquarters at 1.800.224.9371 and they will assist or assume you ARE a member initially and the system will let you know if it finds your membership or not.


Once ALL of the student attendees are registered from your group or chapter:

  1. Sign-On as a Registrant to manage the Contest Teams (everyone in your group should be viewable when forming contest teams)  
  2. Return to this site again anytime before the conference to view or revise your team rosters and to adjust the competition events for each team.  Shortly before the start of each contest event, the data will be pulled into our contest check-in Application for onsite modifications and adjustments let alone verification as the teams check-in onsite for the given contest event.



Experience the Event!

Maximize your experience at the conference by planning your schedule around which contest events you want to compete in, the sessions you want to attend, and, more importantly, don't forget to bring your resume and professional attire to make the best first impression as you visit the conferences IT future employer zone for career options and potential internship and/or full time jobs!


The AITP National Collegiate Conference and Career Fair® is definitely an "event to remember".  Many of our past attendees talk about their experiences for years to come.  Moreover, many return as conference volunteers and/or staff in subsequent years so that they can experience the excitement all over again while "giving back" to AITP!